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Glossary of Racing Terms

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icing: 1) A physical therapy procedure, properly known as cryotherapy. 2) When a horse stands in a tub of ice, or ice packs are applied to the legs to reduce inflammation and/or swelling--the horse is being iced.

IM: Abbreviation for intra-muscular; an injection given in a muscle.

impaction: A type of colic caused by a blockage of the intestines by ingested materials (constipation).

impost: Weight carried or assigned.

in foal: When a mare is pregnant, she is said to be in foal.

inferior check ligament: A direct continuation of the posterior (back) ligaments of the knee (carpus), located below the knee. Function is in support of the deep flexor tendon.

infield: Area encompassed by the inner rail of the racetrack.

in hand: Running under moderate control, at less-than top speed.

inquiry: A review of a race, race to check into a possible infraction of the rules. Also, a sign flashed by officials on the tote board on such occasions. If lodged by a jockey, it is called an objection.

insensitive laminae: The layer just under the wall of the hoof, similar to the human fingernail. It is an integral structure that helps to attach the hoof wall to the underlying coffin bone.

in the bridle: See on the bit.

in the money: A horse who finishes first, second or third finishes in the mone--that is, has won a piece of the purse money according to position.

intra-articular: Within a joint.

Irish rail: A movable rail.

irons: See stirrups.

ischemia: Deficiency of blood supply, which may be temporary or permanent. Caused by the shutting down of the blood vessels.

isolation barn: A facility used to separate sick horses from healthy ones.

ITW: Intertrack wagering.

IV: Abbreviation for intravenous; an injection given in the vein.

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