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Parking at the Saratoga Race Course

Driving to (or even just past) the track nearing post time can get a little chaotic, so we've put together some tips and tricks for finding the best (and least expensive) parking at the Saratoga Race Course.

saratoga race course parking map infographic with text description below

Where To Park At Saratoga Race Course, As Shown In The Above Map

General Parking: Free!

Free every day, the general parking lots are located off Union Ave, to the northeast of the Race Course. Expect a long walk to the track and difficulty finding spots on popular race days. Gate A is the closest gate to the General Parking area and provides access to the Grandstand.

Oklahoma Parking: Preferred East, Madison, and the Rec Hall

There are three preferred parking lots track visitors can take advantage of.

The East lot is located just across from the track's main entrance at the corner of Union and East Avenues. The Madison lot is further north at the western end of the Oklahoma Training Track. The Rec Hall lot is located to the northeast of the Race Course near the General Parking area. Both the Madison and Rec Hall lots require a more significant walk to the track's gates than the East lot does.

Once visitors who park in any of the three preferred lots cross over Union Avenue, they'll have easy access to Gates A (located closer to the Grandstand) and B (located closer to the Clubhouse).

  • $10 (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • $12 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • $15 (Whitney and Travers Days)
  • $370 (Season Pass)

Trackside Parking:

This priority parking area is located on the same side of Union Avenue as the Race Course, so crossing the street is not necessary. The walk to the gate is also much shorter than it is from the General Parking and Preferred Parking lots. The Trackside Parking lot is closest to Gate B, but Gates A, C (General Gate), and D (Clubhouse Gate) are just a short distance away.

  • $12 (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • $15 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • $20 (Whitney and Travers Days)
  • $450 (Season Pass)

Lawn Parking: Various lawns and lots on surrounding streets

Many residents offer lawn parking for a fee. These spots are sometimes your best bet and can make it easier to get out after racing is over. Lawn parking options are not identified on the map above because they change daily depending on when property owners want to make them available.

Handicapped Parking: All NYRA lots (General, Oklahoma, and Trackside)

All NYRA lots at the track have accessible parking available for guests with disabilities. These spaces are designated for vehicles displaying a current state-issued disability placard or license plate.

Valet Parking

There is limited daily valet service available. Enter through the Union Avenue parking lot.

  • $25 (Wednesday & Thursday)
  • $35 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • $50 (Whitney and Travers Days)

Tips & Tricks for Parking at the Track

1. Know your options

You can park at the track in one of several different lots, or plenty of people open up their yards or parking lots for a fee during track season. The closer you get to the track, the more you're going to pay.

2. The early bird gets the parking spot

The earlier you get to the track, the better your parking experience will be.

3. If you see something, say something

Parking is at a premium, especially on popular race days. This is not a time to hunt around for a better parking spot. If you see an available spot, say something to the driver and take it!

4. Keep an eye out for pedestrians

We're all guilty of being a clueless pedestrian every once in a while. There will be lots of people (and small children!) walking around near the track. Be vigilant not just about looking for parking spaces, but also about keeping an eye out for little ones chasing a ball, or older ones with their noses in their phones.

5. Skip the car wash

Most of the parking is on dirt, grass, or gravel, so take your car with more clearance and don't bother washing it before you head out to the track.

6. Take the CDTA Trolley or park downtown and walk

The track isn't that far from Broadway (a little over a mile), and we highly recommend parking downtown and taking the trolley or walking to the race course. Not only will you not have to worry about the traffic by the track, but you won't have to hunt for a spot downtown after races are over for the day!

7. Take advantage of ride sharing

Ride sharing options like Uber and Lyft have a designated drop off/pick up spot just across Union Avenue from the Race Course. Skip the hassle of parking altogether when you opt for ride sharing.

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