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Saratoga Area Enquine Massage & Acupuncture

Browse full listings of massage & acupunture specialists in the Saratoga area. Message & acupuncture therapy may be beneficial to both riders and their equine friends. Find professionals in Saratoga and the surrounding areas here.

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Saratoga
Saratoga Springs, NY
This Equine Hospital in Saratoga provides all levels of care from routine vaccinations to emergency surgery. Your equine friend can depend on their doctors who are on call 24/7, 265 days a year to provide emergency care.
Upstate Equine Medical
Schuylerville, NY
A multi-veterinarian practice in Schuylerville, NY offering equine health services 24/7. Their state of the art medical and surgical center is fully equipped for hospitalizations as well as ambulatory care for horses throughout the Saratoga region.