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Saratoga's Broadway Deli

Saratoga’s First-Ever Artisanal Jewish Deli
420 Broadway, Suite 2 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 |
sandwich with meat and veggies Saratoga's Broadway Deli serves classic delicatessen fare such as soups, sandwiches & salads in the heart of downtown Saratoga.
steaming matzo ball soup Inspired by NYC Jewish delis, Saratoga's Broadway Deli promises to be the Best Jewish Deli north of NYC.
classic egg sandwich with bacon Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon treat.
latke with smoked salmon Try their specialty latkes (a Jewish potato pancake) with or without smoked salmon.
eggs flipped on a griddle Saratoga's Broadway Deli is committed to serving some of Saratoga's freshest food.
smearing frosting on a black and white cookie Snack on their fan-favorite, homemade Black & White cookies.
fresh bread Saratoga's Broadway Deli bakes their own rye, pumpernickel, white, kaiser, and gluten-free bread.
knish with butter Saratoga's Broadway Deli also serves Knishes, a classic and delicious Jewish snack food.
bowl with cucumbers in brine All sandwiches are served with a freshly-brined pickle.
Saratoga's Broadway Deli sign Visit Saratoga's Broadway Deli for unforgettable bagels, sandwiches, and more!


Head over to Saratoga's Broadway Deli for Saratoga's first ever Jewish deli, boasting a unique selection of classic delicatessen fare in the heart of the Spa City.

Promising to be the "Best Jewish Deli North of NYC," Saratoga's Broadway Deli offers an eclectic selection of authentic Jewish dishes, masterfully made with fresh ingredients. 

Jewish & Traditional Deli Fare 

Saratoga's Broadway Deli offers a wide selection of artisanal soups, salads, sandwiches, and more right in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs. All sandwiches are made with freshly baked bread for a crisp and satisfying sandwich. The deli caters to both adventurous and traditional eaters, as well as people with gluten sensitivities, vegetarians, and other dietary needs. Try their classic creations from a Reuben Sandwich to a Cobb Salad. For those wanting to experience unique Jewish fare, Saratoga's Broadway Deli serves traditional dishes, such as:

  • Matzo Ball Soup
  • Knishes
  • Latkes
  • Hot Beef Tongue Sandwiches
  • And Other Jewish Dishes!

Acclaimed Saratoga Chef 

No one is more in tune with the food scene of Saratoga Springs than Saratoga's Broadway Deli owner, Daniel Chessare. Chessare's career began as a bus boy at Little India on Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Since then, his culinary career blossomed as a chef at local favorites, Professor Moriarty's and Scallions, and later as the sous chef at the Wine Bar and as the head chef at the Merry Monk. Saratoga's Broadway Deli is Chessare's newest contribution to Saratoga's food scene, which he expects to be a great success. 

Take Out, Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Saratoga's Broadway Deli serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks every week, Tuesday through Sunday. Stop by and eat outside in a casual, relaxed atmosphere just steps away from Broadway's main drag, or order your food for take out. (Limited indoor seating.)

Explore the menu of the finest deli in Saratoga Springs! 

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